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How to do Painting in Arabian Ranches Dubai


First of all, before we try to know how to do painting in Arabian Ranches it’s very important to know what is Arabian Ranches actually.

Arabian Ranches is Area Developed by Emaar Properties.
The purpose of 
development was to provide world-class community living to the Residents.

Most of Community houses are villa type having all the latest facilities.Since All High-class peoples live in Arabians Ranches that is why they don’t compromise the quality of painting material.

Painting Material And Quality

Most of Painting Companies and Painting Services providers prefer to use National paints or jotun brands.
There are other Painting Brands like ICE and Burger Paint with Good Reputation in the market.

Painting Types and Specifications

When it comes to Painting type while painting Services Arabian Ranches there are many types of paint being used.

1 Washable Paint

2 Water-based Paint

3 Oil Paints


Washable Paints

Washable Paints are the type of Paints where you can wash with water when needed.

Such Painting Mariana is Normally expensive you can say double at prices than water-based paint.

Water Based Paint

While Doing Painting Services  Arabian Ranches most used Interior paint is water based paint.

Water-based paint has the Quality that it will dry very fast with low-level of smell in it.

Because of Low-cost And good in finishing most of the Residents like to apply this Type of painting materials.

Great way to use Water-based paint is to mix with some water and wait for some time then start applying.
Painting  Services Arabian Ranches

Oil Based

Oil Based paint is purely used for exterior painting of Villa, Building or Apartment.
Since oil-based paint has its smell and takes time to dry better and recommended to use for interiors Painting.

Mover ever Oil-based paint is Good for water like Dubai because the temperature in summer goes very high.

Finally, Once you finish choosing paint nest step is to choose painting company.

Hiring good painting company is as important as painting itself.



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Home painting services in Dubai

 When it comes to Home painting services Dubai Painting is an art as most of the Painters learn after years of work experience. How good a painter can paint a home totally depends on his years of experience expertise he got.Below is the list of the Different type of Home Painting in Dubai.

Different Type of Home Painting Services in Dubai

Interior Painting


Interior Painting includes a painting of internal area of the home which is mostly not affected by sun light.
Recommended using Water based Because Water based paint is Needed for all Interior painting needed.

Exterior Home Painting

Almost all the Painting done by using Oil Paint is for Exterior Painting because the sun is affecting the most in these areas where we do Exterior Painting.
Summer is very hot and Sun is at peak because of that is must to have good quality paint.

Furniture Painting

Here comes another painting for Home Painting Services Dubai which is Furniture painting. As we are aware of the fact that most of the Furniture stay inside the house because of that material to be used for painting the furniture should not have Smelled.

Spray Painting

Due to High demand and most effectiveness of Spray painting in Home Painting Services Dubai.
Spray painting is Widely Accepted to paint Furniture and Metal Part of Doors because of its long lasting.

It’s very important to have the house painted at least once in two years the fact is painting will kill so many small insects hidden in deep holes and can’t be areas.

Finally Before hiring Painters for Home Painting Services Dubai make sure that bring the company which knows the painting requirements.
Best time to do painting in Dubai is From Feb till End of Oct.
Dubai Paint is the Best Company to hire for painting needs.